About me

My name is Guylaine Girard and as a coach and mental trainer, I believe that sport is an extraordinary tool to inspire greatness, not only in athletes but also in the person underneath. In my work, I always want to empower people, because I know that once you have taken control of your life, your performance can skyrocket.

I have been training athletes for 25 years, mainly in ultimate (frisbee) and gymnastics. I have a bachelor degree in high level coaching, a Level 4 NCCP and I am passionate about everything to do with mental training and human development.

In 2012, I established a collective between the women’s competitive ultimate teams in Montreal, to improve communication between the teams and give them the means to learn from one another. Within this program, many women have developed their leadership skills in their roles as managers, captains or trainers. As an athlete and captain, I won the gold medal with my team in the ultimate world championships in Italy in 2014, in the Master’s Women Division. In 2016, I was head coach of AUDL’s Montreal Royal, a semi-professional ultimate team. In 2018, I returned to the team as a mental trainer.

Areas of expertise

Over time, I have developed a specialization in leading athletes and coaches toward change and transforming teams into very effective units. I did so in many areas of my professional life; with sports teams but also as a manager in small businesses.

I have worked with many athletes who struggled with stress and difficult emotions. Over the years, I increased my ability to manage conflicts and help people dealing with anxiety, anger and fear.

Over the last 15 years, I have helped coaches building effective teams, improving their communication and relationships with their athletes and becoming the best leaders they can be.

My journey as an athlete

I began practicing gymnastics in 1995, and I faced great challenges in competitions since the beginning. I was a determined, athletic and talented worker, but the results I was getting were far from being equal to my effort and talent. Every competition affected my confidence and I became more and more nervous. Although I knew that I had the ability, I regularly performed at a below-average level.

After several years of competing and achieving results which weren’t exactly encouraging, I finally understood that mental training was the key for me starting on a pathway towards excellence.

Thanks to numerous lectures and training sessions, I discovered effective methods for developing my own mental abilities, then those of athletes who I was teaching. I also learned to integrate mental training into my coaching and I noticed changes in habits and huge improvements over a short period of time.

The Coach's Power

Over the last 15 years, I have helped coaches to build effective teams, improve their communication and relationships with their athletes and become the best leaders they can be. Working with a sport psychologist is great, and often necessary, but as a coach, I realized that my leadership skills improved immensely when I learned how to integrate mental training to my coaching.

Now, I want to share what I have learned with you. As a coach, you are the person who is best placed and who will have the biggest impact in inspiring your athletes to change their behavior and to start on the pathway towards excellence. By integrating mental training into your training sessions, you will affect your players’ level of commitment and motivation, and will help their performance level to skyrocket.

Professional Bio


  • Bachelor Degree in High Performance Coaching, Université Laval
  • NCCP Level 4 (International Level)
  • MBTI Certification Level II (personality types)
  • Workshops with Wayne Halliwell, sport psychologist who worked with Alexandre Bilodeau and other Canadian Olympic medalists
  • Courses with Madeleine Hallé, former sport psychologist with Cirque du Soleil


  • 25 years in the field of sports coaching, mainly in Gymnastics and Ultimate Frisbee
  • Coaches’ mentor for 15 years. My areas of expertise include team-building, conflict management, stress management, emotion management and leadership
  • Former head coach of AUDL’s Montreal Royal
  • Captain of the Canadian Master’s Women Ultimate Team Gold Medalist at the 2014 World Championships
  • Coach of a Senior National Champion in gymnastics in 2007
  • Assistant Professor at Université Laval in 2006
  • Recipient of the FQU Coach of the Year Award in 2011
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