From Coach to Leader Program

3 key strategies to mentally training your team to stay united, strong and confident in the most important game of your season

Transform your team into a powerful unit when it’s needed most. Learn how to help your team deal with stress, fear and anger. Find out how to empower your athletes in a way that will make them willing to change their habits leading to poor performance into actions leading to success.

In this program, I will teach you the 3 most important coaching strategies you need to implement in order to develop your team’s mental strength so that they can perform at their best when it counts.

As coaches, we constantly push our athletes outside their comfort zone because we know it will eventually make them stronger… but we often get mixed and unsustainable results. Why? Over time, I have learned that the key is to make a plan to teach them HOW TO DEAL with discomfort and uncertainty. When faced with adversity, some athletes will naturally bounce back, but others will not be able to. If we do not teach these athletes how to deal with this situation, they will dwell on the negative, get overly stressed, angry, or blame everyone on the team, including you. And your team’s performance will suffer.

We know we must prepare our players to stay focused under pressure and achieve their best performance in the most important game of our season. But how are we supposed to do that?  Over the last 15 years, I have developed a specialization in leading athletes and coaches toward change and transforming teams into very effective units. I did so in many areas of my professional life; with sports teams but also as a manager in small businesses. Throughout the years, I have discovered that there are 3 key strategies for building mentally strong teams and athletes when facing adversity.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Teach your team how to deal with adversity and prepare them for a tough opponent;
  • Teach your team to deal with stress, fear and anger;
  • Bring your players together again when they become divided using practical tools;
  • Teach the most important mental skill to your players;
  • Get your players to train mentally, even if they don’t think this is for them;
  • Influence your players to transform bad habits into actions that lead to success;
  • Help your athletes and your team to train mentally using practical tools.

The program includes:

  • 6 private coaching sessions with me, once a week (55 min)
  • A Visualization & Mindfulness Toolkit to help you teach what you have learned to your athletes
  • The opportunity to reach me anytime by email throughout the whole program.
"Guylaine joined our team’s leadership in 2013 and her coaching expertise had an immediate impact on how efficient our team became at winning."
Alison Fischer
Quebec Women's Ultimate Team Coach
"Everyone who has had the chance to work with Guylaine knows that she is passionate, dedicated and makes a difference."
Patrick Gratton
AUDL's Montreal Royal Owner
"Guylaine is a woman who embodies calmness, intelligence, motivation and openness. She impresses and inspires on many levels!"
Annick Martin
Storm captain, ultimate (frisbee) team

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