What technologies will be in 2021

The continuous improvement of the world is rapidly changing a person’s ideas about familiar things. Based on open information, it is easy to predict which technologies will soon enter our lives, and what will change in the nearest 2021.
Almighty Internet With the help of the world network today, you can exchange text information, photos and videos, pay for services, make purchases, track events. Communication is provided by sixty satellites orbiting the Earth. In the near future, it is planned to increase their number to 12 thousand! Thanks to the implementation of an ambitious project, Internet connection will become available on 85% of the world’s area. This will allow using sensors to track the location of any object. Surely in 2021, 5G, the fifth generation network, will widely enter our lives. The versions have already been tested in Russia, Korea, Switzerland. The transmission of virtual data will become more reliable, the speed of connections will increase. Solar-powered drones will provide internet speeds 40 times faster than current ones. Google is rapidly moving towards this goal. The main trend is the transition to low cost wireless Internet.
Back in 2013, analysts called the Internet the main technology trend in the current decade. The development of science and telecommunications infrastructure was constrained by the limited bandwidth of cellular networks. In 2021, the barriers should be removed. The new reality prepares an Internet connection with any object.
Unmanned vehicles Many companies in the auto industry and not only (Volkswagen, Tesla, Google and others) are developing vehicles that move without drivers. In 2021, they will not only appear on the roads, but over time they will begin to replace traditional cars.
Road safety will be based on the interaction of cars, the exchange of movement data. A sign “A” has been introduced for autonomous vehicles, the M7 and M4 routes will become transit routes for their running-in. Testing drone StarLine has already been successfully carried out. The release of autonomous cars on public roads restrains changes in the legal framework, but work in this direction is underway.
Organ seal 3D printing technology has become an integral part of modern life. The development of biotechnology for the unsealing of viable organs is already close. Such experiments can solve the problem of donors during operations. 3D printer cartridges are filled with living cell suspension and smart gel that creates biological tissue. After unsealing, the gel is washed out, the structure of the matter is preserved. According to research, up to 90% of cells remain viable with bioprinting. Bone and cartilage implants are successfully created, i.e. mastered the printing of auricles, heart valves, vascular tubes, skin, bone tissue for transplantation. Ahead in the 3D printing industry is the development of complex biological products that contain fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
Bionic Lenses The latest technologies developed by Canadian scientists are ready to launch mass production of a medical device that can replace not only glasses, ordinary lenses. The painless operation opens up superhuman possibilities to improve vision threefold. The artificial lens is capable of self-regulation, i.e. objects can be viewed both at a distance and at close range. A close examination of the palm allows you to see even the cells of the dermis. The lens will permanently eliminate problems such as myopia and hyperopia, although color blindness, damage to the optic nerve or retina are not subject to it.